Welcome Artiphans

Hello Artiphans

Welcome, welcome to Artiphany’s Pupdates & Mewsings Blog and to our first ever blog post. I'm very excited to be here (did my tail give me away?) and I hope you're as excited to see me.

Here at Artiphany we are connoisseurs of visual nutrition—wares that bring hearty, wholesome visual delight to all who see them—and we have lots of things a'cooking in our creative kitchen that I'm itching to dish up, like:

  • Improved shipping rates for both domestic & international customers
  • The growth of our company
  • Our full Social Media launch 
  • Saving a bundle on our bundled mugs, tea towels and playing cards

...but before I expand on these: A recap.

It's been an invigorating, explosive eight months for Artiphany. Last June brought with it a cascade of orders in the wake of a few posts online (on Reddit, Bored Panda, and Twitter) that featured our Pack of Dogs Playing Cards (which you can enjoy for yourself here).

As many of you know, Artiphany is a very small operation (essentially a head chef and a few happy helpers) and what followed this flurry of online attention was quite the hullabaloo. John cooked up a flurry of visual nutrition, ordering thousands of new cards and preparing orders until he and yours truly, his furry friend, were parched and weak. Then, he shipped those little units of optic delight across the globe, sharing the sensory goodness of his work with friends from Japan to Brazil and beyond. So, a BIG THANKS and raucous round of barks (and meows) to all of you wonderful people who made last year the biggest in this little company's history. We love you dearly.

Now, with these successes to encourage us and the signs in our favor (it is the Year of the Dog after all), we are excited to announce, firstly, the most pressing pupdates:

International shipping costs have been cut by a HUGE margin 


 We are offering free domestic shipping (within the US) for orders of $49 or over 

As many of you international folk have perhaps noticed, the US Postal System has changed their policies with regard to international shipping. We will not bore you with the bureaucracy but for Artiphany, the new rules have been a huge hit, forcing us to bump up overseas shipping costs and depriving our lovely customers the chance to join the ever-growing Artiphamily.

But there's good news: We have enlisted some help and are lowering these shipping costs again to bring accessibility and ease to our overseas Artiphanatics. As a comparison: Just last week, it cost us $22 to ship up to four decks of cards to the U.K. Now it will be mere $8.90. The same applies on shipping to Australia, Canada, the EU and many other nations across the globe. I can only hope that this will be a relief to many of you (especially those who have reached out to us or posted online about this problem).

It is clear to us at Artiphany that John's little bits of visual nutrition, made and shipped with love, are bringing smiles to the faces of many around the world. And for us, this means the world! It is such a joy to read your messages and see the enthusiasm with which you respond to the products. Our favorite maybe being the Christmas list a mom shared with us that requested, “John Littleboy's Pack of Dog Cards.” (Collective 'awww').

This leads me to another juicy bit of news: 

Our little company is growing

We have brought on some friends (not furry) who in addition to smoothing out operational needs, will be looking into expanding Artiphany into Europe. *RUFF* Whoops, sorry, couldn't control my excitement. Ehem. Now, this is a very momentous, scary, thrilling undertaking for Artiphany and for its Artist-In-Chief John, but with our friends' help, and your continued encouragement, we are optimistic that we can make it work. So stay tuned.

Before I say catch (the ball with) you later, there’s just two more things John has asked me to to serve up, fresh and hot.


We have new collections for three of our product lines

...that we think are pretty doggone good! There is the Mug Multipack, complete with the Off Leash, Whisker Violin, and Tranquili-tea Mugs. (Buy it here!) Then we have the Tea Towel Troupe, featuring the Cheese & Thank You, Best Friends, I Miss You, and Off Leash Tea Towels. (Buy it here!) And last, but most certainly not just, I present you with the classic John Littleboy's Playing Cards Pack, which includes Pack of Dogs, Kitten Club, Bag of Bones, and Mermaid Queen playing cards all together. (Buy it here!)

And finally:

Discount codes, news, new products, and general musings from John and the Artiphany team can now be found across several social media platforms.

So, spread the love and:

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  • Finally, I hope you've enjoyed Artiphany's first blog post. Keep your eyes peeled for one of these good boys, packed full of anecdotes and little doses of optic delight, every week.

    Love and dog bones,


    Man’s Best Friend & Chief Communications Officer                      (Personal Motto: Live Life Off Leash)