Read These Heartwarming Stay-At-Home Tales From Our Artiphans

Marley from Missouri 

We had a great time reading through all the stories you sent through. Funny animals, silly stories, heartwarming moments. Doesn't get much better than that! We'll continue sharing stories as we all navigate our ways through this crisis. And a free pack of cards will continue to be awarded to all those whose stories are chosen. (On this note: we absolutely love to hear from our "winners" that many of them are going to use their prize as a gift for loved ones. You guys!) 
And now, for the good stuff. We hope you enjoy these stories (and pics!) as much as we did.  

We have a beautiful box which is also a cribbage board that we take on our travels. Inside, we store our cat playing cards. Now that we are on our long staycation, we sojourn to the living room to have our afternoon game. It passes the time, although the cats tend to cheat at cards.

~Maggie from Connecticut

My wife is a flight attendant with an affinity for all things cute and cuddly, so I thought it would be nice for her to have these cards to keep in her bag for when she travels. We’ve never been much for card players; in fact, we did not have so much as one complete deck prior to these. Ironically, the reason we didn’t have cards was because our dog ate them. Now that we have these, there have been numerous games of solitaire, attempts to learn two-player games, and my wife has finally learned how to shuffle cards without them spraying all over whatever room she happens to be in. If nothing else, I’d consider this purchase a win for that fact alone. 
Thank you for embracing the weird, wonderful, and eccentric and for making creativity your business model. It is MUCH appreciates, especially in stressful times such as these. 

~ Nicholas from Illinois

I got a lovely deck of popinjay cards, and twice a week I send one card to my friend in another city.  When we finally get to "reopen, " we're going to play a game of cribbage. Meanwhile, each card has some hidden message (it's the "king of hearts bday or two owls are calling each other across the river) we create. Our lives have become so monotonous, this little game keeps us going, both to our mailboxes and to our creative imaginations.

~ Joanne from Vermont

* Update from Mary Lou: she's just pulled ahead! Congrats Mary Lou! 

My husband and I started a running quarantine rummy game with the cards I gave him as a St Nicholas Day present back in December!

~ Mary Lou from Ohio 

Arthur and Maya, Amanda's card sharks

So I have been wanting to buy a pack of cards from you guys for FOREVER! I absolutely love the art. Being quarantined was the perfect opportunity to do just that. I wanted to show some friends that my husband and I play games with that I purchased the Pack of Dogs deck. So when they came in, I excitedly shared videos with them of me opening it and showing the art! Only to then drop them all over the floor! My husband laughed at me but helped me pick them up. 
I have since sleeved them to make sure they stay safe and sound :) 

~ Amanda from Florida

Marley decided he needed to play Trash with us 🧐 now I seriously do need a new deck! 

~Dyann from Missouri