Where's my stuff?

My cards went viral online and we're trying to catch up with the astounding amount of orders.
I want to thank everyone for participating, though they may not know it, in a life changing event for me. Since my Pack of Dogs cards went up on reddit on Sunday, June 11, I've had more sales in the six days since than in four years of selling. I'm astounded and grateful for what has happened.  The World Wide Wonderful has bestowed a bounty of abundance squarely of top of my head.

Now for the shipping.

When the rush began, I had perhaps 800 decks of Pack of Dogs cards. I've shipped all of those and ordered another 20 thousand more decks. This means, of course, that there will be a delay in fulfilling all of the orders. I will post the updates about when everyone can expect to have their goods after the printing is done. You can find updates right below this post.

I'm shipping on a first come first serve basis. I know some of you were hoping to give these as a gift for an up coming birthday or other event. Playing cards required a specialized type of printing and there only a few places that do this in the US. We are working hard to get them to you as soon as possible. For those of you who cannot wait for the newly printed cards to arrive, I'm happy to refund your payments. For those of you willing to wait, extra treats await for you when your package ships.

Many thanks for your enthusiastic response to my products.


Updates - July 19th: Production of Pack of Dogs Playing Cards is on schedule for the end of this week. 

Management at Artiphany makes a point of taking care of the award winning shipping department. These bacon flavored shipping envelopes are brilliant.

As a thank you for your patience, we're including the coaster seen below free with every Pack of Dogs order.

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Check out the FAQ list below. If your question is still left unanswered, please feel free to contact me at this new email address: offtheleash.artiphany@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions:

When will my order be delivered?

We’ve ordered 20K more decks of Pack of Dogs cards from the United States Playing Card Company. They’ve indicated they will have cards for us by July 27. Our best estimate is that we will begin shipping orders in the first week of August.

Why is there a delay in fulfilling my order?

On Sunday June 11, my Pack of Dogs cards went viral. A staggering amount of orders sold out my inventory immediately and continues even now, two weeks later. Ramping up a small operation like mine to adjust to the sudden huge demand took some time.

I’ve ordered 20K more decks of the Pack of Dogs cards to make up the difference. Any other products besides the dog cards are in good supply and will ship then as well.

What if I want to add additional cards to my preexisting order?

Please email us at offtheleash.artiphany@gmail.com, and we'll work it out.

How can I best track my order?

The best thing to do is follow us on Facebook by clicking here or waiting for updates in your email used to make the purchase. As you might expect, we're flooded with emails. Still, we're always happy to answer your questions by email.

Why haven't I received an update until now?

We sent out a mass emails alerting everyone to the delay. Spam filters and infrequently used email addresses that people often use when ordering products might have kept everyone from getting the news. 

Do you sell your items in stores? Do you offer wholesale opportunities?

Yes, my items are sold in several stores near our office. Now, there is huge global enthusiasm for my dog cards. If you are interested in discussing options, please direct any wholesale inquiries toward my john.littleboy@artiphany.com email address.