Calling all Dog Doppelgängers & Kitten Clones

Hello Artiphans,

How fast the year flies! Though I can’t say it’s unwelcome, because it’s finally Springtime, which means sunny Sundays in the dog park, fresh grass to munch on (much to my human’s chagrin) and plenty of mud for my paw paintings. You can call me muse.

Speaking of muses, we are strong believers in the age old phenomenon of dogs beginning to look like their owners, and vice versa. Take, as a case study, the uncanny resemblance below. 

But on this fine spring day we are looking for a different kind of lookalike.

Does your dog or cat strongly, strangely resemble one of the featured creatures in our Pack of Dogs and Kitten Club playing cards? If so, we want to know! We want to see! Three winners of this clone-y contest will receive a FREE tea towel of their choice.  

That’s right, we want to see your doggie doppelgängers and kitty clones. All you humans need do is snap a pic of your favorite furball (second nature to many owners, as I know only too well) next to the card they most resemble and then send that pic to for our trusty human judge to enjoy and elect. We will announce the winner in three weeks from today, on April 18th, on our Twitter and Instagram accounts. So keep your eyes peeled and your social media antenna tuned in!

Oh, and one last thing: Our website has a brand-spanking new look. We hope you think it's good lookin', cus we sure are feeling like the prettiest poodle at the party. 

And with that, I must say adieu. Mousie-beaucoup for reading and have a splendidly Spring-y day.

Love and dog bones,



Man’s Best Friend & Chief Communications Officer                                                                  (Personal Motto: Live Life Off Leash)