We Learned A Lot From You About Our Products

Dear Artiphans,

Last month, we asked your opinion. We asked, because we value it, but we also knew that Artiphans are busy people—artists, dog parents, human parents, teachers, cat lovers, athletes, CEOs, small business owners. So, when we got the response that we did—nearly 125 fully completed surveys—we were blown away. Thank you to all those who took the time to answer—and in your inboxes tomorrow, you will find, as promised, an extra sweet token of our appreciation. 

(For all those who still wish to share their thoughts, just click here!)

One thing we’ve learned about those of you who have fallen in love with John’s designs over the years is that you’re a curious bunch. And so, we thought we’d honor the time you took to share your thoughts, to share what we learned in turn.

We learned that there is no stand alone ‘favorite product.’ Some of you love the dish towels; many of you love the personalities that prance through each suit of the playing cards; others appreciate how our mugs take full advantage of form, telling a story in the round.

We were delighted to hear that John’s ‘Off Leash’ image, whose story we told a couple of months back, is one of your favorite designs, and that you’d like to see it used more often. (Us too!) And we discovered that there are few more designs, for instance, the beloved ‘Social Knitworking’ image, that are so popular with you all that their backstories deserve telling too—stories that will keep our team busy with yarns far into the future.

But the true purpose of the survey was to determine which products we should turn our collective creative power to in the future. It seems like, for all of you, a cotton canvas, over-the-shoulder bag would be a dream—and one we hope to realize, soon!

In the ceramics department, we learned that you love our mugs—and want more of them!—but that you’d also like to see some of John’s designs take form as water and food bowls for your furry companions. (Few things could be more fitting, don’t you think?)

There are so many more things that your responses taught us about your tastes and fancies—such as, you’d like to see large format prints of all Artiphany images available for purchase and, you want more tea towels—but we at Artiphany can’t diddle dally too much longer here: we have lots of work to do! 

First up will be our totes. We will be choosing our producer and getting our most popular designs on canvas as soon as possible. Our updated mug range and cheese plates will follow. And next year, we hope to move forward with some of the new ceramics you expressed so much enthusiasm for. 

Onwards and upwards, as they say. We’re off, running back to the drawing board, buzzing with inspiration, direct from your keyboards. Keep your eyes peeled for new products.

Love and dog bones,

Man’s Best Friend & Chief Communications Officer                                                                        (Personal Motto: Live Life Off Leash)