Meet Our Doggie Doppelgänger Contest Winners

Congratulations Davy & Judy!

Hello Artiphans,

There are few things more enjoyable than looking at cute pics of cute pups. It's something chemical, like eating chocolate or talking with the person you love; your brain just can't help but smile, your lips to let out a stealthy little awww. And for the last few weeks, that has been our job: Yes, you read that right. We got to look at all your dainty, demure, dashing doggos as not a break from the daily grind (and gift!) of running our small business, but as part of it. 

Congratulations Scruffy & Nancy!

We want to thank all of you proud dog owners who sent in their Dexters, Dixies, Stellas and Sammys for us to meet. (While the call was also for feline friends, we only received, many, dog pics). The selection was a tough one: the competition was fierce and all the pups were winners in their own right. But after much careful deliberation it is my pleasure to announce our three winners: 

Judy & Davy (see above)
Nancy & Scruffy (see above)
Sweet Romeo Indiana (King of the Universe) & Aileen

Congratulations Sweet Romeo Indiana & Aileen!

I hope you enjoy these pics of Pack of Dogs lookalikes as much as I did and many thanks again to all of you who entered.

And an extra thanks to ALL of you, all of you who are reading this: We so appreciate your continued support and love for Artiphany and Mr. John Littleboy. You're the very reason we can continue sharing our visual nutrition and optic delight with the whole wide world. And we thank you for that.  

Now get off your computers and tablets and phones and out to the dog park! All of you! Don't make me bark at you! 

Love and dog bones,



Man’s Best Friend & Chief Communications Officer                                                                        (Personal Motto: Live Life Off Leash)